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     Sound Absorption Foam Application

         Sound Absorption products are used for noise and vibration reduction. Air vibration creates sound wave. When sound wave hits PU Foam, it will be transmitted to the air inside PU Foam cell, reflect continuously, and then the air vibration becomes attenuated (less).  When the air vibration is reduced and resisted, the sound becomes smaller and weaker (undertone). These products are used in various industries including; printers, construction equipment, automotive and home appliance.

     Sealing Foam Application
         There are two types of Sealing Foams, Air and Water Seal. PU Foam with open cell and small cell structure, giving low air permeability (air flow) property is Air Sealing Foam. When Hydrophobic (Water-Prevention) property is added to Air Sealing Foam, it helps to repel and not absorb water property, stop water leakage and water sealing performance, and hence Water Sealing Foam is developed. Water Sealing Foam has micro-cell structure and lower air permeability than air sealing foam.

Sound absorption

Sealing foam

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