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  Bangkok Foam Co,.Ltd. (BFC) 
     Bangkok Foam Co.,Ltd, the first company of BFC Group, has been established since 1970. With long history, competitive technology and management professional,we are the leader in leaders among polyurethane (PU) foam manufacturers.      
Business Category : Manufacturing of various of Polyurethane Foam
  for multi-industry: Automotive,Furniture,Garment, Shoes,and etc.
119/5 Bangbon 5 Rd.,
Bangbon-nua, Bangbon,
Bangkok, 10150, Thailand
Tel : 66-2-892-4747
Fax : 66-2-892-4749
  IWCT Co.,Ltd.
      Iwct is the major manufacturer of PU automotive seat & cushions,    head-rest, and motorcycle saddles for many world famous auto-makers   in Thailand.
  Business Category :   Automotive Seats & Cushion,Automotive Head
  Reset & Armrest, Motorcycle Saddle,Energy Absorption Foam
Soi Macharoen1,
Phetkasem Rd.,
Nongkangploo, Nongkham,
Bangkok, 10160, Thailand
Tel : 66-2-812-4499
Fax : 66-2-812-4400
  Inoac Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (IIT)
    Our core business is the production and processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam; heat insulating pipe cover,adhesive coating, cutting, half-cutting and punching process.
Business Category : Polyethylene Pipe,Polyethylene Fabrication,Flame
  Laminate, Coating of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
Kabinburi Industrial Zone,
515 Moo 1, Km.12
Kabinburi-Korat Rd.,
Nongkee, Kabinburi,
Prachinburii, 25110, Thailand
Tel : 66-37-204-485
Fax : 66-37-204-686
  Techno Foam Co.,Ltd. (TFC)
    Established in 1989, TFC is designed to be a unique company for fabricating and processing engineering materials including polyurethane, polyethylene and rubber products.
Business Category : PU,PE &Rubber Sponge Fabrication Coating of
  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Vacuum Molding Products, Assembly of
  Foam Materials,Precision Fabrication of Foam Materials.
119/4 Bangbon 5 Rd.,
Bangbon, Bangbon,
Bangkok, 10150, Thailand
Tel : 66-2-892-4777
Fax : 66-2-892-4776

  Century  Inoac Co.,Ltd. (CIC)
     CIC offers a wide variety of plastic injection bussiness as well as  secondary finishing    processes;  decorative hot stamping, printing and assembly, focusing on reating unique, cost  efficient solutions for today's global businesses.
Business Category : Manufacturing of plastic injection, Secondary
  finishing process of plastic products.
119/2 Bangbon 5 Rd.,
Bangbon, Bangbon,
Bangkok, 10150, Thailand
Tel : 66-2-892-4755
Fax : 66-2-892-4775

  BFET Co.,Ltd.
    Established since November 1990, BFET is joint venture between KK Kyokuto Seiki Co.,Ltd. and Bangkok Foam Co.Ltd. Our businesses are manufacturing aluminum die casting and epoxy molds.
Business Category : Manufacturing of Aluminum  Die Casting,
  Automotive pad seat molds,Refrigerator vacuum molds.
111 soi Macharoen1,
Phetkasem Rd.,
Bangkok 10160, Thailand
Tel : 66-2-812-1627
Fax : 66-2-812-1628
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