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     Bangkok Foam Co.,Ltd.

     Established on

     :  July 30, 1970 (Nongkam Plant)
     :  1992 (Bangbon Plant)

     Capital Register

     :  100 Million Baht

     Joint Venture

     :  Century Plastic (Thailand) 51%
     :  INOAC (Thailand) 49%

     Main Product

     :  Soft Foam, Rigid Foam, Flame lamination   
     :  Chip Bonded Foam (CBF)


     : 119/5 Bangbon 5 Rd.,
       Bangbon-nua, Bangbon,
       Bangkok, 10150 Thailand

     Strategic Achievement

     1.Investment of High Technology Machineries & Processes
     2.Improvement of Manpower & Management
     3.Innovation of Products
     4.Acquiring new & Maintain Markets.

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