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     With the progress of automotive industry , not only driving performance , but also safety , comfort and reliability are in high demand.
     With excellent material development capabilities and specialized production Expertise, creating
new values. To respond to customer's diversified needs, we have developed variety of formulas to meet various specification of car manufacturers .
    PU Foam has an excellent noise and vibration absorption property, which help creating pleasant and comfortable feeling during travel, therefore it is widely used for interior parts; Door Trim, Speaker Edge and Under seat (Carpet  underlay foam).  Seat-cover (Flame lamination grades with film or textile laminated with fabric, PVC or leather) is another product made by PU Foam.
Some functional Rigid and Semi Rigid PU Foam has a high insulation property, therefore they are applied for Head Lining, Hood Lining, Rear Parcel Shelf, and Sun-visor. High-Functional Special Foams with great water and air sealing property have been developed to be perfectly suited for car air-conditioning system and sunroof.
     Safety is the auto-industry top priority, therefore our Fire Retardant Grade PU Foams pass FMVSS302 standard with other Car Manufacturers’ regulation and requirement.  

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Sealing foam

Sound absorption foam  

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