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Melamine Foam
       Melamine foam is a flexible, a thermoset polymer. Characteristic feature is its three - dimensional or network structure consisting of slender and thus easily shaped filaments.
  Industries Application
     1.Good thermal insulation properties.
     2.High sound absorption ability.
     3.Flame resistance (without the addition of flame retardants).
     4.Temperature resistance upto 240 °C.
     5.Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range.
     6.Light weight.

Consumer Application
     1.Good cleaning applications.
     2.Resistance to UV discoloration,suitable for shoulder pads .
  Products                                                 * 50mm thickness
Physical Properties Standards Product Name
Basotect G Basotect V 3012
  Density (kg/m3) EN ISO 845 9.5 ±2 9.5 ± 2
  Indentation Hardness (N) - ≥ 45 ≥ 45
  Color - Gray White
  Application - Industries Cunsumer
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